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A-SPAN Places Formerly Homeless Client in Housing | Community Spirit

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A-SPAN Places Formerly Homeless Client in Housing

Robert Lohman slept in his tent in the woods in the Spout Run area last night, and tonight he will be able to sleep in his very own apartment for the first time in 10 years, thanks to A-SPAN

“I was ready to come out of the cold, I’m very lucky,” said Lohman who signed his lease today at the Monterey Apartments off Columbia Pike in Arlington.

Ayanya Bellamy, Lohman’s Housing Case Manager of A-SPAN, said she knew he would be a good candidate for the program when she met him at in-take. He had no criminal background and had some money saved up from housework and landscaping.

“I will continue to work with him to make sure he is paying bills on time, make sure he has everything he needs, remind him of appointments, and just stay on top of everything for a while,” said Bellamy.

Graduates of the program get continual check-ins from case managers until they are able to live independently. This varies from a case-by-case basis. A-SPAN has a goal of moving in at least 30 clients and they are well on their way to this goal with 22 clients as of now.

“You get people housed, that is how you end homelessness, and that’s what we are doing here today,” said Kathy Sibert, the Director of A-SPAN.

A-SPAN buys a queen bed for each new client moving in, but the community donates the remainder of the furniture for the apartments. A-SPAN is always looking for donations, both monetary and furniture for the apartments. Check out the slideshow of Lohman's move-in today.

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