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Paul VI Catholic Crowns Homecoming King and Queen | Community Spirit

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Paul VI Catholic Crowns Homecoming King and Queen
Paul VI Catholic Crowns Homecoming King and Queen

Paul VI Catholic high school of Fairfax, Va. has a history of a strong culture of inclusion, reflective of the current reigning homecoming queen and king, Shaylyn Smith, 18, of Bristow, Va. and Zach Fowler, 18, of Vienna, Va., who both happen to have an intellectual disability. 

Smith and Fowler were selected through the standard process of selecting a homecoming king and queen with no special circumstances or special efforts to ensure that they were the ones selected. For the first time, Paul VI has voted both homecoming king and queen from Paul VI’s Options Program. For more information on the school, go to www.paulvi.net.

Just meeting the two seniors is enough to understand why the student class would nominate and vote for these two remarkable people.  Regardless of their intellectual disabilities, Smith and Fowler were selected because of who they are, not because of their special needs. Paul VI looks beyond any classifications and selected the students who were best for king and queen.

 “Shaylyn and Zach are reminders that no matter your circumstance or your abilities, all things are possible, and that people will see you for who you are and what you offer, inside and out,” said Megan Battle, director of options program at Paul VI Catholic High School of Fairfax, Va.

Paul VI Catholic High School, established in 1983, is one of four secondary schools in the Arlington Diocese. It’s recognized as one of the finest college preparatory schools in the region, with its unique character that fosters a dedication to the singular value of each individual. Paul VI seeks to inspire and challenge each student. For information, go to www.paulvi.net.

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