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Charge It: What To Do If Sandy Wipes Out Power | Weather

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Charge It: What To Do If Sandy Wipes Out Power

ARLINGTON, Va. (WUSA) -  It could happen. With upcoming storm Sandy threatening to potentially leave you in the dark, now is the time to buy the items that'll keep you plugged in.

Nathan Karcz of Eastern Mountain Sports in Arlington, Virginia showed us the latest camping gear that help you keep your phone charged, and maybe even your stomach full.

First, he showed us some headlamps, small lights that attach to your head with an elastic headband. "They are great, they provide LED light, you don't have to worry about the batteries going out," he said.

Karcz also showed us an inexpensive and compact emergency blanket, a crank-operated emergency radio and flashlight, Hotties brand handwarmers, a camping stove that can be lit with propane, and some small car chargers in which you can plug two different size USB plugs. "You can hook these right up into your car charger, plug in a cell phone, iPad, and even a laptop will work with that," Karcz said. Karcz also showed us a solar powered charger from GoalZero that can also use rechargeable batteries for keeping your phones and gadgets charged.

Now, to food and drink. Karcz says if water treatment plants go offline in a storm, you can use some Aquamira water purification tablets, or iodine to make sure your water is safe. He also showed us two Mountain House brand freeze-dried meals: Beef Stew and Spaghetti in Meat Sauce. Karcz says they taste pretty good.


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