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Pigskin Rivalry Gone Too Far

Two young pigs were at the center of a football rivalry between Gonzaga College High School and Saint John’s college high school.

During a November 4th game at Gonzaga High someone spray painted ST. JOHN’S on both pigs and then released them onto the football field. The poor animals were frightened and in a panic. Luckily, students and staff members were able to safely corral the pigs into an equipment shed until Animal Control arrived. 

French Deer

Last weekend, two deer tried to move in with the French ambassador. The animals wandered on to the ambassador’s property in Northwest, DC and refused to leave. Several Animal Control Officers were called to help relocate the two deer back to Rock Creek Park where they originally came from. The ambassador's home, while very nice, was not deer friendly.  The property was too small, there was not enough grass or leaves for the deer to eat, and if they tried to jump the tall fence they could get hurt.

It took the ACOs nearly five hours to safely sedate both deer and transport them back to Rock Creek Park. Once back home, the animals were woken up and released back into the woods.

The deer may not have understood what we were trying to do for them, but they are now safe. We would like to thank the wonderful staff at the French Ambassador’s home for assisting us in this rescue.

Bat Fest 2010

The Gulf Branch Nature Center in Arlington, VA will be hosting “Bat Fest 2010” on Saturday, August 14th from 6:30-9:30 p.m. “Bat Fest” includes a presentation of live bats and participants will be able to go on a walk and see bats flying around and hear their echolocation calls. Guests will learn about the foods that are pollinated by bats and as well as view a presentation of bat-themed artwork.

There will be special events and quizzes for children. The cost is $10 for adults and $7 dollars for children ages 10 and under. Register at https://registration.arlingtonva.us.