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Raccon Rescue Results In Real-Life Happy Ending Reunion

ARLINGTON,  Va, (WUSA) - When raccoons make their homes in chimneys, the human homeowners are usually not happy to share that space, and the raccoons' fate is not what the animals had expected.

But one raccoon family lucked out recently, with an assist from the Humane Wildlife Services, a wildlife-conflict solution service provided to homeowners and businesses in the Washington, D.C.,  area by The Humane Society of the United States.

HWS came to the aid of an Arlington homeowner who realized a raccoon family had taken up residence inside the chimney. Staffers with Humane Wildlife Services were successful in rescuing the trapped babies. Then they rehydrated the little ones, and finally, were able to reunite them with their mother--all while putting measures in place to ensure the raccoons would find a new home.

For an "awwwww" moment, check out the baby raccoon recovery in this video:


Foster Monday: Pepper

Foster Monday: Pepper

This week we get to know Pepper! Pepper is enjoying life with her foster caregiver, our own VP, External Affairs & Chief Programs Officer Scott Giacoppo. Learn more about this feisty kitty below, and help her find a home this week!

Entertainment is one thing that Pepper is always guaranteed to provide. Whether it's chasing an imaginary object or suddenly appearing in unexpected places, Pepper is enjoying her kittenhood to the fullest extent.

WHS Alumni Update: August 3, 2012

WHS Alumni Update: August 3, 2012

Check out a few happy alumni below. You can help us complete more families this weekend by sharing our Name Your Own Fee cat adoption promotion – adopt a fabulous feline age 6 months or older for the fee of your choosing! We hope to see you at our adoption centers.

“Just a note to let you know Wadel the guinea pig is doing well and is quite the charmer. She always enjoys the view from the top. She has a rabbit-size pigloo now so she can stretch out up there.”
 -Cecile & Jennifer and Wadel & Feather

Adopter Chris Johnson shares with us a photo of Chanty with his new big brother. Aww!

“I am submitting a picture of my ‘forever friend,’ Brody.  I adopted him from the New York Ave adoption center in December 2009.  Brody gives a whole new meaning to ‘road dog.’  Life was good before...now life is great!
-Dinahsta Thomas