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The Hot Cars: 45 Metro Cars With No A/C | News

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The Hot Cars: 45 Metro Cars With No A/C

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) -- Going underground may seem ideal on a day that's pushing triple digit temperatures, unless you're unlucky enough to hop on one of Metro's "hot cars." 

That's what WMATA officials call the 45 to 50 metro cars currently with no air conditioning.  A WMATA spokesman told 9News Now that the transit agency has expedited maintenance requests to fix the hot cars.  But that's not much consolation to the many people who have to ride them, especially during rush hour.

"It's awful.  Feels like you're in Tokyo, cramped like sardines," said a metro rider at the Clarendon station. 

"I told my husband that if I get on one of those again, he will be picking me up from work for the rest of the summer," said another Metro rider.  "It was so hot, I almost fainted."

Until all the hot cars are fixed, WMATA officials advise getting on a different car when the train stops at the next station.


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