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Wife of lobbyist charged with abduction says he's innocent | News

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Wife of lobbyist charged with abduction says he's innocent

ARLINGTON, Va. (WUSA9) -- The wife of a lobbyist accused of threatening to kill a technician trying to fix his computer says she was home during the service call and her husband made no threats. 

"It's just destroying my husband, me and my son. It's amazing, like a living nightmare. I can't get out of it," said Lisette Mondello. 

Joseph Mondello is a registered lobbyist and was an advisor for former Republican Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas. His LinkedIn page says he's an expert in legislative strategy and federal government relations

"I'm in complete disbelief. So is my family and apparently he made a gun charge and we never had a gun. My husband has never touched a handgun," said Lisette Mondello.

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Police found a toy gun in a storage box while searching the couple's home. Lisette Mondello said the gun was from the Disney World bicentennial celebration. 

The computer tech also told police he wasn't allowed to leave the home until the computer was repaired.

"We had a computer with a minor problem and it went to a computer that flickered and shut down to a computer that wouldn't even start with this last guy so we said get out of the house we will get Dell on the phone and we want a new computer," said Lisette Mondello.

Lisette Mondello believes the computer tech made the accusations to get back at her family.

"To make those kinds of false accusations and to lie. If you're insulted too bad you don't do that to people and wreck their lives," said Lisette Mondello said.

Mondello has been charged with abduction by force or intimidation and use of a firearm in a felony.

Police said there was an earlier incident where Mondello allegedly screamed at a computer tech and belittled him. No charges were ever filed in that case. 

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