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Arlington's Million Dollar Bus Stop | News

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Arlington's Million Dollar Bus Stop

ARLINGTON, Va. (WUSA9) -- Ever wondered what a bus stop that cost a million dollars to build would look like? Now you can see one for yourself on the Columbia Pike in Arlington. 

"Are you kidding? That's crazy!" said a Metrobus rider. "That's a hell of a lot of money for a bus stop."

WUSA9 spent two hours on Tuesday trying to find someone who thought it was worth it. Instead, all they found were people who couldn't get past the price tag.

"I'm very angry that they're ripping off all the taxpayers right now," said one rider.

"Where did my tax money go? I don't know. Maybe it's the metal?" said another.

According to Dennis Leach, Arlington's transportation director, the money paid for a lot of things.

"Planning, design, permitting, and inspections," said Leach. "The actual construction cost was $574,000."

Part of the reason for the high price are high-tech features: electronic bus-tracking maps and heated floors.

"There is an element that keeps it from freezing. That is a safety feature," said Leach.

The "super stop" opened just last week, and the county already has plans to build 23 more along the Columbia Pike.

"The first one is rather expensive, but the county is absolutely committed as we go forward to refining this design and driving down the cost," said Leach.

The first "super stop" cost the county 200,000. Leach said the rest was funding by the state and federal government. But riders say they don't care so much about the bells and whistles. They just want its most basic function to work which is shelter from the elements.

"Right now I can feel the wind and rain," said one rider. "The older bus stop was must better."


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