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U.S. Senate Candidates Allen, Kaine Aligned With Romey, Obama On Social Issues | News

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U.S. Senate Candidates Allen, Kaine Aligned With Romey, Obama On Social Issues

(WUSA)-  Former governor Tim Kaine had center stage at this Obama Rally, a relationship Kaine's opponent, former governor George Allen has tried to turn into a negative.

Here's Allen at a Romney rally, a connection Kaine's campaign has done the same, attempting to turn that into a negative. The candidates are closely aligned on most issues. Like Romney, and most Republicans, Allen wants to repeal Obamacare.

Allen said, "I'm one who's a strong proponent of affordable for personal, portable health policies, own your own health savings accounts, you can take it from job to job and not have to worry about  pre-existing conditions when you change employers."

Kaine disagreed,"The insurance companies can no longer use the preexisting condition club to beat you up. We're going to hand it right back to them if we repeal the affordable care act. I think repealing the affordable health care act would be a huge mistake."

 This year, Virginia's legislature and board of health approved strict regulations on abortion clinics, regulations that could result in most of the state's clinics closing down.  

Kaine said, "It's an attempt to end run Roe V. Wade. Government shouldn't be in the business of making women's healthcare and moral decisions for them. "

 Allen said, "I think medical services to women, there should be safety, and cleanliness in those, so that's up to the state.  That's a state issue I wouldn't be pursuing in Washington."

Since the Virginia Tech shootings, access to guns has not changed, even though victims and family members have tried to bring tighter controls.  Lori Haas,  a mother of a former Virginia Tech who was wounded in mass shootings, tried unsuccessfully to convince George Allen to get rid of the gun show loophole, which allows private sales with no background checks.

  Allen's response: "As far as private sales, no, I'm not for that."

Kaine supports closing the gunshow loophole. "We let people walk into gunshows without background checks and walk out with weapons in ways that we shouldn't," said Kaine. 

Kaine also agrees with some limits on guns and ammunition: "I am very open to the notion that these high capacity magazines in weapons are just meant to harm people, that we ought to be looking at those."

Allen said, "I'm not one who wants to take away the rights of law abiding citizens to protect their families and themselves." 


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