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Chez Andree - A Hidden Jewel! | Restaurants

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Chez Andree - A Hidden Jewel!

Sound familiar?  It's Friday evening, the work week is done and the last thing you want to do is go home and cook!  So don't!  Really, it's as simple as that!  We all know that there are hundreds of places you can go in and around the Arlington area but I've GOT to take this opportunity to tell you about one of my favorite places!  The title of the story says it all:  Chez Andree - A Hidden Jewel - and that's exactly what it is!  Located on West Glebe Rd., just a couple of blocks from Del Ray in Alexandria is this wonderful, quaint country French restaurant.  I can't say enough about the service, the atmosphere or the food!  Really, it's a little slice of heaven.  Their escargot is yummy, but nothing - and I mean nothing - compares to their homemade French onion soup!  One of my favorite dishes, I've yet to find it done better anyplace else!  Their rack of lamb or steak au poivre?  Superb!  How about duck l'orange?  Tres bien!  To go along with the food is the wonderful service!  Visit them and introduce yourself.  Steve and his sister, Laurence will get to know you and greet you by name!  The wait staff is fantastic and if you're lucky enough to have Mark take care of you, you won't be disappointed!  It'll be dining AND entertainment all wrapped into one!  Want to know what that means?  Check it out!  Reservations are preferred but not necessary on most nights.  They'll find you a seat.  If you want to learn more about Chez Andree, go to their website at www.chezandree.com. 


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